The Tay's Food Culture in Vietnam Cao Bang

Tay's food culture in Vietnam, Cao Bang, food culture of Tay ethnic group, tribal, ethnic minority, dishes, gourmet, local cuisine Cao Bang, north east Vietnam.

Cao Bang is the address of the Tay people who mainly live here. Therefore, we will be surprised in their unique and exciting taste when mentioning to food culture here.

Diversity of forest vegetables

In addition to the nutrition of food, the vegetable dishes are valuable in medically treatment.

They are dozens of forest vegetables such as Da hien (Bo Khai), rock moss, forest banana vegetable, Ban flower… which visitors can not ignore to enjoy to buy it on to their relatives. The food processing of the Tay people is quite diverse which brings a new taste as well as beautiful performance by creating a harmonious combination of taste as spicy – salty – bitter – sweet.

Many vegetables from the forests are eaten uncooked such as goose grash, ‘bo khai (da hien)’ vegetable, ‘ngot’ vegetable. Those are sweet smelling and tasty. However, the processing methods of Tay people are mainly steaming. There are vegetables which are bitter, peppery, sour or acrid but when combined with others, they become extraordinarily fragrant and tasty. Bitter bamboo sprout soaked in bauhinia will eliminate its bitterness and become pleasantly sour, which is a rice “conductor” when cooked with egg- plant. Woodland banana vegetables mixed with chopped meat create a sweet, tasty and strong flavour….

Wine is an integral part

In The Tay people’s daily life, especially Tay Cao Bang, wine is a culinary unique culture which has been had a strong attachment to compatriot for a long time.Wine of the Tay people is made of materials such as rice, maize, potatoes, cassava, and sometimes using both molasses and banana fruit… Alcoho yeast are made from forest leaves which bring to drinker slightly taste.

Alcohol is also the way to show hospitality to guest. Whether familiar or stranger, before starting a story, they never forget to invite guest wine. Wine can be considered as “Pieces of betel” to begin the story as the Kinh people. Especially, in the wine, there have rarely had become to blows but ended in a cordial, and fun atmosphere.

Alcohol can not be deficient in cultural activities of the Tay people which is associated as a necessity. In the public fesivities, people can see and feel somewhere the ardency of wine in Sli singing to exchange love of couples or in the dancing of Tay’s young men.