Cao Bang Fruit and Vegetable

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Cao Bang Bitter Tea

Bitter tea or Che Khom in local language is the valuable, rarely and precious, special plant of Cao Bang province. Two thousand years ago,quintessence of the sky and earth is crystalized in the leaf of Cao Bang bitter tea. The bitter tea is growing naturally in forest. The grown up plant can be 30 meters high. Its diameter can be up to over one meter. According to scientists, there are 16 kinds of acid aminoes that help to promote metabolism process and have closely relations to nutrition structure of our body. Apart from drinking purpose, bitter tea also has pharmaceutical value such as cure for sunstroke, anatoxin, drunk release, digestion stimulation, blood pressure regulation, anti-aged process, etc. Long time ago, bitter tea was offered to King by Chinese.

Visitor comes to Cao Bang nowadays can’t forget to purchase some boxes of bitter tea for relatives. Cao Bang people are proud of the special violet of bitter tea boxes. Bitter tea has been penetrated in every shop, valley, in subconscious of every family, and foreigner. If you have a chance to enjoy a cup of bitter tea, you would never forget the bitter, strong, and sweet taste of this special tea of Cao Bang.

Trung Khanh chesnut Cao Bang

Trung Khanh chesnut is one of typical famous fruit of Cao Bang. It is a big tropical chesnut, which is five or six times bigger compared to forest one. Its cover has many hard thorns. Inside the chesnut, there are three or four seeds. Trung Khanh chesnut has a lot of protein and typical sweet taste.

Mac Mat fruit

Mac Mat fruit belonges to wampee family. Its main products are seed and fruit, which are aromatic and sweet. Mac mat plant is only grown in Cao Bang and Lang Son region, which is adjacent to Cao Bang. The plant is from three to five meters high. Its leaf and fruit has aromatic essentials. Its pulp is sour and sweet. In summer, Mac mat fruit is ripen with yellow color, juicy, and fragrant. The Chinese and the Northern mountainous people has used Mac mat materials as a special spice in cooking traditional food such as roasted duck, roasted pork, Chinese braised pork, stewed legs of pork, etc.

Bao Lac plum

Bao Lac plum is the most delicious among many kinds of plum, which are grown in Cao Bang. The local people called Bao Lac plum blood plum as inside the plum, it is dark red and sweet when being ripen. Sweet taste (no sour) is the typical character of this plum.

Cao Bang creeper tea

Creeper tea is the pharmaceutical resources of Cao Bang province. According to some scientific researches recently, creeper tea has medicinal effects such as cure for stomach ulcers, insomnia, strained nerves, etc. In order to exploit, preserve and take the most usage of this pharmaceutical resources, the Cao Bang Department of Science and Technology has done some researches. So far, the department has set up the technical progress of creeper multiplication with 2 methods, which multiply by bamboo frame, and 4 methods, which multiply by seed. There are 2 methods, have the highest sprouting rate of 83 per cent. The department also determined the effective multiplication method, building up the cultivated technical progress, the rate of fertilizer, and the effectiveness of fertilizers. It investigated the distribution, growing, and ecological conditions for this kind of tea. Those are scientific foundations for Cao Bang province to develop creeper tea, which is not only a kind of drinking tea but also pharmaceutical resources to cure, and step-by-step meeting the demand of other provinces.

Cao Bang forest bee's honey

If you have a chance to visit Cao Bang, you will see honey canned in bottle selling in town, district markets. This kind of honey has high nutritional value, long lasting without sour smelling as bees are kept in households. If the honey is preserved in good conditions, the longer and the more delicious it is.Forest honey has fragrant smell of forest flowers.

Da hien vegetable

Da hien vegetable or Phjec yien is a creeper growing in rocky mountain. In spring, when the weather is warm, Da hien vegetable grows young and fresh. Stalks of Da hien vegetable is fried with beef, making vegetable more delicious and better taste of beef. Da hien vegetable can be fried with noodle or eggs and they are all good. you who come to Cao Bang in season of Da hien vegetable, all buy dozen bunches of Da hien as gift for friends and relatives.

Dong Khe pear

you, who come to Cao Bang on the 6th or 7th lunar month, will enjoy the cool, sweet taste of Dong Khe pear. Dong Khe pear has big fruit, typical sweet tasting, soft pulp. Dong Khe pear is the most delicious one compared to other kinds of pear in Cao Bang.

Gecko wine

you, who come to Cao Bang, will all like gecko wine. Gecko wine helps tendons and bones, vigor strengthening, cure for arthritis, strained nerves, etc.

Tap Na alcohol

Tap Na alcohol is a traditional product of Thong Nong district. It is cooked from local maize, which is grown in terrace field and has yellow seeds. Maize is boiled to a pulp, kept with yeast, which is specially made by local people. After being distilled, they have a famous alcohol. Just opening the bottle, Tap Na alcohol is immediately identified by a charming fragrance smelling. Those, who have ever taste it one time, will never forget it