Cao Bang Food and Specialties

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To Cao Bang, you will enjoy a variety of exotic dishes, artfully processing. There are two dishes often people eat most in the early morning is hot rolls, soup bone and sour soup.

Rolls and pho in Cao Bang carry a particular and unique characteristics. Rolls both long and flexible, just because is made with aromatic upland rice grown on terraced fields, almost no use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Cao Bang rolls with a sweet charming blend of bone broth, chili wafting smell the cardamom pickled bamboo shoots.

Also sour spicy noodle soup mixed in the noodles, add vermicelli, potatoes, bacon, chopped pork stomach, yellow fat fried straw, sprinkle vinegar peppers and crushed roasted peanuts.

There are many strange dishes mouth, strangely made from spices, rich foods of the forest as he put fried bamboo shoots, sour fish soup, cereal, nuts, rice, pepper shoots dot ... The dish on if sip wine by Na, specialty of Agriculture or wine district Lau Pang Ha Quang district is great! Lau Pang alcohol distilled from perennial butt powder on the rocks, tiles made from fruit incense, incubated powder ground nearly a month, waiting for the weather to collect more dew then exposed to then distilled bring. This is your medicine wine, fostering health and the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Cao Bang, after visiting the scenic and culinary pleasures with regional delicacies such as: rolls, sour noodles, bamboo shoots, peppers, roast boar, snake wine, wine Na ... You should buy gifts to friends, loved ones lower down the produce such as: chestnut Chongqing, Bao Lac plum, pear Dong Khe, honey tea dangThach An Nguyen Binh, dried bamboo Bao Lam ... is mountainous gifts more meaningful.

Cao Bang has the skillful weaving products with exquisite patterns, vivid colors, tablecloths, backpacks, handbags, embroidery towel marine ... will make you happy.

Pupa bee rice porridge

Pupa bee rice porridge is cooked from pupa bees, which are white and as big as our little finger. New, fresh rice is cooked into porridge. Then put some alive pupas in. The rest of pupas are processed with spices, onion, fried, and mingled with porridge.

Sour Noodle

Sour Noodle is cooked relatively sophisticated, representing for food and drink art of Cao Bang people. That the amount of soft and tough noodle, some fried slices of liver, Chinese sausages, pig stomach, some slices of lean and fat mixed pork, roasted duck, some kinds of herbs, some pieces of fried, smashed ground nut, some vermicelli, fried potato all put into a bowl, sprinkling with sauce which get from roasted duck’s belly mingling with some vinegar, garlic, sugar, and tapioca. When eating, mingling and adding some sweet Mac soaking with bamboo sprout, chilly. Sour noodle has greasy tasting of duck oil, sour and pungent tasting of bamboo sprout and chilly, buttery tasting of groundnut and potato, fragrant tasting of sweet Mac.

Cao Bang roasted pork

Cao Bang roasted pork was awarded gold medal in “Processing traditional dishes” contest organized by The Viet Nam Administration of Tourism in 2002 in Ha Noi. The roasted pig is often weight from four to six kilograms. After preliminary treatment, they use special paper to dry up the pig as cleaning by water make the pork flabby. Sweet Mac leaf, spices are stuffed in pig belly then stitched, roasted in charcoal stove. Being roasted, spreading honey and spices on pig for brittle skin and no cracks. People can use metal stick pricking into the pork, it is cooked as dark water comes out. Delicious roasted pork, which is done to a turn, has yellow chrome, brittle skin, and fragrant taste. It is eaten with special processed fish sauce.

Peng Ray cake

Peng Ray is a glutinous rice cake with ant’s egg, covering with tender Va leaf. Sticky rice is soaked, husked into powder, which is kneaded into cake as big as an egg, pressing and putting cooked, spiced processed ant’s egg into middle, covering with tender Va leaf. After that, cake is steamed in a steamer. Ant’s egg is the egg of 12px, black ant. Tayethnic people call this kind of ant Tua Rau, which often makes its nest in thorny trees such as Malagasy-plum tree, Cherokee rose tree. The egg is white and as 12px as toothpick head.

Khau Phang cake

Khau Phang cake is made from Khau Phang - a kind of local kaoliang. Kaoliang seeds are dried up, brayed, sieved to get the inside, which is soaked and bundled up into cake like Tet cake. Green bean is stuffed into middle of cake. Khau Phang cake has yellow color and delicious, aromatic taste.

Sauté cake

Sauté cake is a favorite dish of Cao Bang people in winter. It is made from sticky rice powder, stuffing by minced duck or fried onion pork. That all put into a mould and fry in a boiling oil pan for a while. Sauté cake is eaten with papaya salad, basil, lettuce, eryngo

Coong Phu cake

Coong Phu cake: It is made by Tayethnic people from sticky rice powder mixing with a 12px proportion of normal rice powder. In winter solslice days, every household makes Coong Phu cake to offer their ancestors. In cold winter, visitor can stop by market or roadside kiosk to enjoy a bowl of Coong Phu cake. That the sweetie of sugar, the hot acrid and aromatic taste of ginger, the buttery taste of groundnut, the fragrance of Cao Bang white rice dispels the coldness and warms up every one.

Gai cake

Cake Gai country gift is something familiar to many people. Gai Hai Duong delicious cakes, bread at the South hemp leaf is also very attractive ... but the bread spikes of the Tay, Nung in Cao Bang is must say pretty special.

Cake spikes Cao Bang associated with a legend. People here have said that in the reign of King Ly Thai Tong (early 10th century), Sung to the invaders of our country, the leader of the Cao Nung Tri Cao commanded the Peoples Army borderland area to fight the enemy. Barbed fellow baker for soldiers carry dry food to war. Cake string to each pair to wear inside facilities so the Tay, Nung called Peng load (gear wear).

Glutinous rice to make bread is delicious, and not boring, so the new cake soft and chewy, eat not hard. Routines are soaked as long as a press no water, grind in mortar matching a special powder, packed in a cloth bag, water hook up for the ROC.

Hemp leaf was picked from the front, stripped leaf, dried. Leaves provide security, when heating up a little bit with me for color as. Finished, washed, squeezed dry, smooth state. Roads grill (a card, hand to mouth) for boiling flow and mix with hemp leaf something viscous password. People this Privacy dough with flour and pour brought pounding in mortar very fine.

Powder blue finish with black, smooth, thick plastic. Smell of sticky, honey, aromatic leaves intertwined spine tingle.

Hemp cake wrapped in banana leaves, flat. Human hemp cake made with crushed roasted peanut or green beans mixed with sugar. Dumplings for such areas. From the boiling water until cooked, about disabled

When you eat, do not be put off wheel leaves in a hurry. Have deliberately stripped the leaves into leaf fibers to bread from sticking. The cake comes out pitch black, smooth as a paving stone. Cake with sweet tastes of sugar, the sticky aromatic plasticity and leaf spines, fleshy beans. Eat right.

Cake thorn for many days without fear of mold. If stale, dry bread, it can be cooked over coals, bulging wheel hatch, still delicious. Or fried can bring back to the soft cake, eat own taste.

Previously, the high By often baking spikes on the occasion of the full moon in July, just to ancestors, grandparents just to review the story of the heroic days old. Now rustic bread becomes a gift, usually sold in the days of the fair, the consistency of water. Guest far to Cao Bang always buy get ten pairs of spikes bring a gift for a loved one, as to introduce a bit of the culture of a land frontier.

Khau Sli cake

Cao Bang, you will enjoy the bread specialties of this land. It is import sli. The name would suggest a lot of curiosity for your cake. Export sli dialect means glutinous rice cake explosion, can also be understood as the bread burns. Cao Bang previously only export sli in the holidays, carnivals. Now, export sli has become daily bread sold as many other gifts.

Days before the great attention to the selection sticky when baking because it is requiring people to hard work, meticulous and delicate. Sticky to sticky cakes to choose delicious, are, ten grains as ten. Toys nine folds then unloaded, cool. Sticky rice mixed with rice bran, bran freshly ground aromatic and smooth, stir, beat me up. How core sticky rice does not stick together but leave the individual particles. Someone take away through cold water to wash off the sticky, how to do this quickly and helped take public, but will reduce the delicious sticky.

After this stage a sun for sticky particles will be invited to bring into flat areas. Sieve miscarriage clean, finished remove broken particles exposed to dry completely. Like bath preparations, then roasted sticky rice in a cast iron pan. When roasted to medium heat, island for both hands. Sticky seed ripe, swelling, bite that is both brittle and porous.

Roads to Export sli usually grill (local card sugars, hand to mouth). The heat flow, when boiling add a little water into a slurry density. To try it yet, we wait for the boiling sugar a time, down a bit in a bowl of cold water, line clotting, sitting at the bottom of the bowl is enough.

New Sticky ready. Burns in the pan of boiling sugar, quick to burn sugar and island sweeping all. Square wooden mold, lead, glass bottle rolled over rolled tightly compressed.

Finally pour over the cake a layer of peanut candy (peanut candy) for flat layout. Candy and cookies to stick together as one unit. Wait for the cake to cool, use a sharp knife to cut into small pieces to arbitrary. Use paper wrapped cake into each room, each pile. Outside wrapped red and blue paper flowers or beautiful. Cake wrapped in plastic to prevent moisture, for long without being loved, still crunchy, aromatic.

The export pie sli only looks delicious just saw. The sticky seeds bulging ivory interfere with the iridescent gold on shining.Peanut candy coating on the cake a reddish-brown, shiny. Tasting, crispy pie in mouth, sticky plastic taste of the roasted, fleshy fat of peanut, sweet stick of sugar cane. Use the wheel when drinking tea as export. The taste is very particular, very special export sli that many people have lingering forever.

Export sli specialty has become the land of Cao Bang. Far to always do not forget to buy some goods sli bring about inviting friends and relatives to see