Ky Sam Temple Cao Bang

Ky Sam temple, Nung Tri Cao, Quang Uyen, Cao Bang temples, Cao Bang pagoda, spiritual sites Cao Bang province, Vietnam.

Ky Sam Temple was built as a memorial at Nung village (200 metres (660 ft) east of Highway 203) of Ngan in honour of Nung Tri Cao, Nung Lord of Quang Uyen for organizing the ethnic minority revolt in the 11th century against the Vietnamese monarchy.

The first effort at rebellion against the King Le Thai Tong was started by Nung Tri Cao's father, Nung Ton Phuc, and elder brother, Nung Tri Thong. This failed and both were caught and executed. Two years later Cao mobilized rebellion army and captured the territory and declared himself as the king of the Nung Kingdom and named it as Dai Lich. However, this occupancy was short-lived as he was captured by Viet forces.

He was, however, let go by the King and allowed to return to Quang Uyen. Six years later he again launched a rebellion against the king in 1048 and captured the territory in southern China and declared himself as the "Emperor of Dai Nam." His kingdom survived for 5 years by manipulation of the King of China and the King of Viet. However, in 1053 the Vietnamese king Le Thai Tong captured Cao and executed him.

The temple built in his honour, though ancient, is now a refurbished monument (renovated in 19th century) consisting of two buildings. The outer building has the altar of one his generals and the inner shrine housed the images of Cao, his wife and his mother till they were stolen a few years ago. An inscription still seen here narrates Cao's war exploits and his avowed commitment to the cause of his nation