Cao Bang attractions

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Thang Hen Lake

Thang Hen Lake is surrounded by mountains, and is at its best in the rainy season, from June until September. During the dry season the lake shrinks and is not as impressive. Walking in the nearby mountains brings you past local herders and farmers.

Ban Gioc waterfall

This breathtaking waterfall is the largest in Vietnam. The water is particularly thunderous in the wet season but is still beautiful during the dry. Ban Gioc waterfall is about 85km from Cao Bang town, about 3 hours away.

Nguom Ngao cave

This immense cave holds a series of majestic, jaw-dropping caverns, filled with delicate, intricate formations of stalactites and stalagmites. In the low season, you may even have the cave to yourself, an experience probably not to be had elsewhere. Optional guides will helpfully point out particularly interesting rocks and bat roosts.

Pac Bo Cave

Pac Bo is a small village, 3 km from the Chinese border. Near this village is a cave, Hang Coc Bo (today often called Hang Pac Bo) in which Ho Chi Minh lived for seven weeks, during February and March 1941, when he returned after 30 years of exile. Consequently, it is now a tourist site.