Trung Khanh Cao Bang

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Trung Khanh Cao Bang is a mountainous district of Cao Bang Province in the northeast region of Vietnam. The district covers an area of 263 km², and offers beautiful northeast Vietnam off the beaten path tours. Options include Trung Khanh road trip, mountain hike, jungle trek, homestay, road cycling, community tour, charity project, volunteer works, educational travel.

Trung Khanh Cao Bang map

Trung Khanh district is divided into 1 township and 18 communes including Trung Khanh, Dam Thuy, Chi Vien, Phong Chau, Cao Thang, Doan Con, Than Giap, Thong Hue, Duc Hong, Trung Phuc, Canh Tien, Dinh Minh, Dinh Phong, Ngoc Khe, Ngoc Chung, Phong Nam, Lang Yen, Kha Thanh, Lang Hieu.

Getting to Trung Khanh Cao Bang

The best way to get to Trung Khanh from Hanoi is to rent a car with driver. You will be picked up at your place in Hanoi and brought directly to Trung Khanh, Cao Bang. Those who are on budget can take a public bus from Hanoi to Cao Bang city, and from there either take another local bus or motor-taxi to get to Trung Khanh. There are also buses from the neighboring provinces in northern Vietnam.

Taking a guided tour to Trung Khanh is highly recommended. Traveling with a local guide is particularly helpful when you travel to an off the beaten path place like Trung Khanh Vietnam.

Trung Khanh weather

The geographical setting of Trung Khanh is mostly mountainous, with land available for habitation thus being limited. The average temperature reported in the province is 22 °C (72 °F). Winter temperatures in some areas occasionally experience freezing conditions and some amount of snowfall. The best time to travel to Trung Khanh is the dry season, starting from late September/early October to early May the following year. 

Trung Khanh Cao Bang trekking 

One of the main draws to North Vietnam is the trekking in Trung Khanh, Cao Bang province and the surrounding areas. Discover the jungles, mountains and hill tribes around Trung Khanh on a hill tribe trek. Whether it is a single or multi day trek we have something to suit everybody. Maybe you just want to trek through the jungle or maybe you really want to get away from the crowds we have something to suit. We can combine most treks with other activities. 

Cycling Trung Khanh Cao Bang 

We love cycling and want to show you that the best way to discover Trung Khanh district is by bicycle. All our bike tours will be lead by our tour guides who are licensed by the VNAT (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism). They are experienced cyclists and have their own tips, nice stops, view points and local contacts in the villages. These are the real highlights of your trip.

Trung Khanh Homestay

There are no luxury hotels, resorts in Trung Khanh region. There are only few hostels and homestay in Trung Khanh. These homestay in Ha Giang are the only place where you can be lodged during your trekking trip in Cao Bang. Homestay facilities are simple, basic. Booking a homestay in Trung Khanh is included in Lotussia Travel hiking package.