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Cao Bang's Festival Named National Intangible Heritage

posted May 8, 2018, 7:49 PM by Mai Hoa NGUYEN   [ updated May 8, 2018, 7:50 PM ]

The ethnic Nang Hai festival in the northern province of Cao Bang has been recognised as a national intangible cultural heritage right after receiving the recognition certificate on May 7, the organizing board beat the drum to kick off the two-day festival in Tien Thanh commune, Phuc Hoa district.

The festival features a photo exhibition on the festival, a food festival, folk games, and a music gala.

Nang Hai is a traditional festival of the Tay ethnic minority, which reflects their praying for favourable weather, bumper harvests, and happy life.

According to the Tay people’s belief, there were Mother Moon and 12 fairies on the sky above. The Nang Hai festival was an opportunity for the community to sing as way of inviting their goddesses to earth, helping them cultivate a bumper crop.

The festival is now held biennially. Its recognition as a national intangible cultural heritage was an acknowledgement of local efforts in preserving and promoting the traditional cultural value.

Cao Bang old tree is recognised national heritage

posted Oct 21, 2016, 12:22 AM by Mai Hoa NGUYEN   [ updated Oct 21, 2016, 12:23 AM ]

A 300-year-old dracontomelum tree at the Special National Relic of Tran Hung Dao Forest in Tam Kim commune, Nguyen Binh district, the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang has been recognised as a Vietnam Heritage Tree.

The recognition ceremony was held by the Vietnam Association of Nature and Environment on December 10 as part of activities to celebrate the 70th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) (December 22, 1944-2014).

The tree, 1.97m in diameter and 40m in height, witnessed the ups and downs of the heroic land of Tam Kim as well as the formation and revolutionary activities of the VPA’s predecessor – the Vietnam Armed Propaganda Unit for National Liberation.

The recognition is of important significance for the protection of the natural landscape and ecological environment in this historical forest.

So far, seven old trees in Cao Bang has received the Vietnam Heritage Tree title.


A day trip to Ban Gioc waterfall

posted Oct 21, 2016, 12:18 AM by Mai Hoa NGUYEN   [ updated Oct 21, 2016, 12:18 AM ]

A day tour to Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang day tours, Cao Bang day trip, Ban Gioc waterfall tour from Cao Bang city, Cao Bang Vietnam.

Cao Bang is a remote mountainous province, so tourists seldom choose to come there but once they are there, they will never forget its overwhelming beauty for sure.

To begin my journey, I catch a night coach at My Dinh coach station in Hanoi to arrive at Cao Bang coach station the next morning. From there, it takes me an additional half an hour to reach Ban Gioc Waterfall by bus.

First of all, the waterfall is located along the border between Vietnam and China. Measuring more than 200 meters in width and nearly 60 meters in height, Ban Gioc is the world’s fourth largest border waterfall.

From above, the fall looks like a charming picture. It flows downwards onto the crystal clear Quay Son River that is surrounded by high mountains and immense greenery. This is a splendid and romantic landscape.

I linger for about two hours just to admire the fairytale scenery, take hundreds of photos and breathe in the fresh air. It is such a great spot for tourists to stroll around or sit and admire.

A trip to Ban Gioc will never be complete without taking a wooden raft ride in the Quay Son River to savor the uniquely comfortable ambiance. The closer I get to the fall, the more I become awestruck. 
Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang, Quay Son River

Ban Gioc is among the special destinations that are appealing to tourists all year round. In the dry season, it is divided into three levels obviously by rocks and trees. Notably, a glittering rainbow created by the sunlight reflected in the water can be seen early in the morning. Meanwhile, the three levels become one in the rainy season, thus making the fall more glorious.

Visitors are always advised to stay longer to experience locals’ daily life if they have time.


Cao Bang in Top 10 Treks in South East Asia

posted Oct 20, 2016, 7:49 PM by Mai Hoa NGUYEN   [ updated Oct 20, 2016, 7:50 PM ]

Cao Bang in Top 10 Treks in South East Asia, Vietnam best hiking trails, best treks in north Vietnam, best, top hikes northern Vietnam, Cao Bang province.

With stunning landscapes of mountain, caves, lakes and the impressive Ban Gioc water falls, Cao Bang province in Northern Vietnam ranks fifth among top ten ideal destinations for trekking tourists, according to SkyScanner.

Cao Bang is one of the first places Vietnamese people inhabited, possibly for it’s natural abundance in farming land. Nowadays, people visit this watery wonderland to hike through the mountains and paddle through the springs, rivers, and the infamous Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Trekkers can go to Cao Bang by road starting from Hanoi and then getting buses to the the area for Cao Bang trekking tours.

The most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam

posted Oct 20, 2016, 7:41 PM by Mai Hoa NGUYEN   [ updated Oct 20, 2016, 7:42 PM ]

Ban Gioc Waterfall, the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam is located on the Quy Xuan River is located in Cao Bang Province, nears the Sino-Vietnamese border.

The waterfall falls thirty meters. It is separated into three falls by rocks and trees, and the thundering effect of the water hitting the cliffs can be heard kilometers away from Trung Khanh.

Ban Doc Waterfall is situated in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District. The Quay Son River rises from China flowing into Vietnam in Po Peo (Ngoc Khe Commune) and to communes including Dinh Phong and Chi Vien. When it reaches Dam Thuy Commune of Trung Khanh District, the mild river circles around Co Muong mountain bottom and flows to rice fields of Dam Thuy towards the large maize alluvial plain of Ban Gioc village. Here, the flow divides into many branches and lowers its flow to creat Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Water from Quy Xuan River falling down on the stone creates water droplets columns that can be seen from a distance.

The temperature near the waterfall is remarkably cool, due to the water mist in the air. At the foot of the waterfall is a large river, as calm as glass, surrounded by many precious kinds of flowers.

The sight in Ban Gioc Waterfall bears a poetic, fresh, quiet beauty of water, forest and cloud area mixed with village atmosphere of mountainous ethnic minorities.

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